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MACK 13 FLAMETHROWER - K4FGloves.com (Knives4Fingers)


$ 399.00

Introducing the MACK 13 FLAMETHROWER!!!! Yes, you read that right!! You have to see it to believe it! Click to ignite, pull the trigger and go! Mounted laser, interchangeable tanks with either propane or MAP. This thing is INSANELY COOL, and movie FX quality! These along with the Remake & Versus gloves will be first come first serve. We are starting an official LIST as of today. If you are interested in the MACK 13, Remake Glove, or JDM Versus please email us at knives4fingers@gmail.com to be added to the list, no down payment required. When a glove or flamethrower becomes available next person on the list will receive an email letting them know it's ready to ship. Full payment is due at that time. If person listed can't pay, they lose their place in line and we move to the next person.



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