Handcrafted Replica Freddy Krueger Gloves
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About Us

Since 2006 Knives4Fingers has specialized in building 100% hand-crafted, all metal, highly detailed Freddy glove replicas. Each one of our replicas are constructed from high quality, copper sheet or pipe, brass, stainless steel or metal blades, brass rivets, and a genuine Carolina leather glove with a ball & tape wrist. Using heat and other darkening techniques each glove's metal armature is darkened, and weathered just like the bastard son of a thousand maniacs hand crafted it himself. Our stainless blades are attached to the armatures fingertips using a special lead-free, high tin solder for the strongest bond possible. The leather gloves go through an aging process where they are softened, stained, weathered, and then cut to match the movies style.

We feel each one of our replica gloves are unique because we pride ourselves in making them hand made from scratch, not store bought or mass produced. This means we cut, drill, bend, grind, all from raw materials. We also pride ourselves in quick turn around time and fast shipping!!! We hope you will choose K4FGloves.com to make your next Freddy Krueger replica glove and we look forward to making it for you!

Andy J.