Handcrafted Replica Freddy Krueger Gloves
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UPDATE 5/8/17

Hello K4F Kiddies... a quick announcement letting you guys know we haven't disappeared! Still here, and we are getting ready to fulfill outstanding orders that haven't been cancelled and get glove sales moving once again. Because we have been so busy and not able to build gloves for quite some time, we will only be selling specific gloves once they are ON HAND, READY TO SHIP. This means no pre-orders. Once available they will be first come, first serve until sold out. So this means, when you buy, it will ship that day! I know many people have been waiting patiently on orders. While we attempt to fulfill outstanding orders, we ask that you understand we have to make some new glove sales in order to get things moving again. We need to orders supplies, pay some debit, and fill outstanding orders at the same time. We are excited to announce that will be working with a new artist to bring you some new exciting gloves, and help us get gloves in stock for you guys! As far as Joe D Mack goes, things have been super quiet on his side and we are not sure if or when he will be making new gloves. You guys will be the first to know if he decides to start building again. Thanks to the people that have been waiting patiently. You have been more than patient and we appreciate you standing by. WE KNOW WE OWE YOU and intend to get your gloves out to you as quickly as possible :) THANKS!!! -Andy J

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