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Update 9/17/2017 - HALLOWEEN 2017

HELLO FREDDY FANS! The JDM Versus is coming back for a limited run JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN 2017!!! Joe D. Mack has been SUPER busy with filming but finally has a small break and has decided to do a run of JDM Versus gloves!! Keep an eye on our FaceBook page and site for them! We are thinking they should become available at the beginning of October. Plenty of time to ship out for Halloween! We will also have more Part 1 & Part 3 gloves coming in time for Halloween as well! -STAFF

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More Gloves Coming!

We are currently sold out of all stock. More ready to ship gloves will be available very soon!! -STAFF

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Part 1 Gloves SOLD OUT!

Feels good to be back up and running! First batch of 10 Part 1 gloves have SOLD OUT within a week! We have more coming SOON, along with some Part 3 gloves so check back frequently.  In the mean time, we will have a couple PT 4, Part 5, and a "Penny Thick" Part 6 for sale!  And remember... if an item is listed for sale on the site from now on, that means it ON HAND AND READY FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPPING. We are no longer doing pre-orders at this time. THANK YOU! -STAFF

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UPDATE 5/8/17

Hello K4F Kiddies... a quick announcement letting you guys know we haven't disappeared! Still here, and we are getting ready to fulfill outstanding orders that haven't been cancelled and get glove sales moving once again. Because we have been so busy and not able to build gloves for quite some time, we will only be selling specific gloves once they are ON HAND, READY TO SHIP. This means no pre-orders. Once available they will be first come, first serve until sold out. So this means, when you buy, it will ship that day! I know many people have been waiting...

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Awesome Original Slasher Photo Shoot!

Check out these awesome pics from the super talented E. Duffy Photography (Shadow & Light Photo Creations) featuring one of our Original Slasher gloves. Give there FaceBook Page a like!!! https://www.facebook.com/Lightandshadowphotocreations

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