Handcrafted Replica Freddy Krueger Gloves
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Our hand made Freddy Krueger gloves are movie prop replicas made for collectors, Nightmare fans, and horror enthusiasts. They are NOT WEAPONS or TOYS and therefore should be treated as such. The blades are not intentionally sharp nor will we sharpen them under any circumstances, so please do not ask! Although the blades are not sharp they are real metal and can be pointy so PLEASE, handle with care!

By purchasing a glove or one of our products, you are releasing Knives4Fingers, K4FGloves.com, and all parties involved from liability of accident or injury that could result from using or altering one of our products.

Knives4Fingers, K4FGloves.com is not affiliated with The Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc, or Newline Productions Inc. We are a fan made site and do not claim property of any Nightmare On Elm Street imagery or logos. All of our products are hand made, original replicas from our own templates and are never intended or claimed to be "screen accurate" in any way.

Please see https://k4fgloves.com/pages/product-shipping-details for more information.

Freddy VS Jason stunt double Douglas Tait approved!

Check out his awesome bio here: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1408752